2 Ways To Make Coffee Healthier

2 Ways To Make Coffee Healthier

How would you recommend I drink my coffee? You are not the only one if you find that sweeter variations, such as Starbucks’ frozen Frappuccinos or flavor-rich lattes, are more to your liking. However, we doubt that we would be the first people to point out to you that drinking these drinks is not the healthiest choice you could make. They are known to cause bloating, an increase in blood sugar levels, and even, over time, the destruction of your metabolism. The good news is that there are still methods to satisfy your need for coffee in the morning without having to cope with these drawbacks. In order to find out the most beneficial methods to consume coffee, we spoke with Dana Ellis Hunnes, PhD, MPH, RD, a registered dietitian and the author of Recipe For Survival. She provided us with a breakdown of the finest coffee habits to follow every morning in order to maintain a healthy life, and she emphasized the importance of drinking coffee.

Take your coffee without milk or sugar (Or Take It With Plant-Based Milk)

According to Hunnes, drinking coffee in its natural, unadulterated form is the most beneficial way to consume it from a medical standpoint, regardless of how your palate may feel about it. She notes that the healthiest way to consume coffee is black since this preparation will have the maximum concentration of polyphenols, flavanols, and phytonutrients. She goes on to say that these nutrients “may help in boosting health, lowering inflammation, weight management, and lifespan.” Wow! Who knew that the caffeine rush you get in the morning might really be so beneficial to your health?

If you like adding a variety of flavorings to your coffee, such as sweeteners, creams, and syrups, we don’t blame you; doing so undoubtedly enhances the beverage’s flavor. However, according to Hunnes, opting for black coffee rather than sweetened beverages is the best way to protect yourself from the inflammation that is brought on by sugar while also cutting down on the number of calories you consume. In point of fact, drinking coffee black does not add any calories to your diet.

If you truly can’t bring yourself to drink black coffee, she suggests switching out your high-calorie creamers and milk for plant-based alternatives such as oat milk or soy milk instead of drinking coffee with cream and sugar. She notes that “unsweetened variants will be the healthiest options available since they do not add sugar and, as a result, will not contribute any inflammatory processed sugar to the mixture.” Perfect!

You could try some cinnamon in your coffee.

Cinnamon is a great way to rev up your metabolism, and although it’s normally ideal to limit the number of ingredients in your coffee to a minimum, there is one addition that may be able to deliver even more health advantages. “Adding cinnamon to coffee (particularly Ceylon cinnamon, which is the genuine cinnamon),” comments Hunnes, who notes that “cinnamon has been found to enhance insulin response,” is one way to make coffee even healthier. “Cinnamon has been shown to increase insulin sensitivity,”

Hunnes recommends keeping out of your cup all of those high-calorie and sugary items that Hunnes recommends you keep out of your cup. Not only can cinnamon make this healthy beverage even healthier, but it is also a great way to improve the whole flavour of the beverage.

The Advantages of Using Fewer Components in Your Coffee

We know, we know. Cinnamon and oat milk, is that it? What about all of your preferred flavourings and creamers? However, despite the fact that sugary beverages from Starbucks could be nice, choosing one of these healthier choices is going to result in a lot more positive outcomes. According to Hunnes, specialty coffee drinks “are effectively a meal in a drink and add calories, but not much health.” He continues by saying that in the end, these beverages “essentially wipe away the healthfulness of regular coffee.”

Additionally, the use of ingredient-heavy coffee drinks does not help us feel full for as long as eating does. This implies that you are consuming an excessive amount of calories without receiving any of the advantages of eating genuine, wholesome food.”

The fact that they are also so highly processed makes them even less healthy, as this makes them inflammatory, which in turn increases IGF-1 (a marker of inflammation), and also increases the insulin response, which in turn makes us hungrier than we would have been if we hadn’t consumed such a sweet or sugary drink.” Yikes!

You have the opportunity to make a decision that is better for your health and that your body will be grateful for if you choose to consume less creamer, sugar, and syrup and instead return to the fundamentals. When you take everything into consideration, black coffee isn’t really such an awful option after all!

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