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A Chic Cookware Line Designed In Collaboration With Selena Gomez And Our Place

The heart wants what the heart wants, and our hearts are competing for the new Selena Gomez collection called Our Place. It comprises two new colours that have been introduced to the Our Place Essentials range: Azul, an electric cobalt-blue hue, and Rosa, a warm berry-pink shade inspired by one of Gomez’s favourite lip tints. Both of these colours can be found in the Our Place Essentials collection. The Essentials range includes Our Place’s best-selling cookware, such as the Always Pan, the Perfect Pot, and the Knife Trio. The Always Pan is a particular favourite of Our Place’s editors. In addition, the sophisticated Drinking Glasses, Main Plates, and Side Plates are all offered in limited-edition colours that may be purchased separately. In addition, Gomez and Our Place have designed a unique bundle package for all of your hosting necessities called Dinner at Selena’s, which can be purchased for a total price of $215 and includes the Always Pan, the Drinking Glasses, and the Main Plates.

This line offers everything you need to start cooking, regardless of whether you’re a novice doing your best in the kitchen, just as Gomez does in her culinary program on HBO Max, or a real chef. The gorgeous hues will inject some fun and whimsy into your kitchen, and who knows? They could even motivate you to cook up something delicious. In addition, the Rare Impact Fund will receive 10% of the net revenues from the sale of this limited-edition range of products. The mission of the non-profit organization that is affiliated with Gomez’s beauty business is to broaden the range of mental health treatments available to younger generations.

Proceed to the next paragraph to shop for the limited-edition hues and combo package before they are all sold out.

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