How to Ripen Avocados Fast for Guac

How to Ripen Avocados Fast for Guac?

Are you trying to figure out how to ripen avocados since you’ve come home with a lumpy green fruit that looks like a stone? We’ve all been in that situation. It’s almost as if the avocados themselves are conspiring against us, saying: Each and every avocado at the local grocery shop is only two days away from being perfectly ripe when you need to make an emergency breakfast sandwich or a last-minute bowl of guacamole for a last-minute snack.

But don’t be alarmed! There are many methods for ensuring that you always have a ripe avocado on hand when you need one. But first, let’s go through the fundamentals of how to buy avocados in the first place.

What is the best way to identify a ripe avocado?

At the grocery store, you may begin your journey to a successful avocado experience. In addition, we’d like to provide some basic advice: it’s OK to lightly press a few avocados to ensure you’re receiving a decent one. Just don’t be that guy who touches every single piece of product on the shelf or who leaves dents and bruises in every single avocado.

The Hass cultivar accounts for the vast majority of avocados sold in the United States. If they’re ripe, the skins will be dark green with a purple-y flush on them. Yield them a mild squeeze in the palm of your hand, and they should only give a little bit more. These avocados will have a creamy texture that will be perfect for slicing and dicing when they are done. You may gently poke the avocado’s stem to make sure it’s not rotting. If it’s firmly in place, the fruit will need a little longer time to ripen. If it pulls away and you can see a vivid green dimple beneath, you’ve got a winner on your hands. If it comes away with brown streaks, it’s possible that the avocado has beyond its sell-by date. For avocados that are ready to be used in guacamole, seek skins that are virtually black in color. Typically, the flesh of these will be softer and ready to be mashed. You may use the same methods to determine whether or not an avocado is right for you.

Green-skinned avocados won’t be available for most buyers until later in the season, however, there are certain smooth-skinned kinds that retain their green color even when fully ripe. You can guarantee that when you slice open a dark brown or black avocado that is wrinkled or that feels squishy, it will be brown and oxidized, indicating that it is overripe. On the other hand, if you see a dark brown or black avocado that is wrinkled or feels squishy, you can bet it is overripe. Avocados that are soft should be avoided.

When selecting the ideal avocado, take in mind when and how you want to prepare it. If you’re going to slice the avocado or if you’re not going to use it for a few days, choose a firmer avocado (but stay away from the rock-hard avocados that can take up to a week to fully ripen). If you’re going to mash or purée the avocado, or if you’re planning to eat it that night, choose a softer avocado to start.

Was there an issue with the quality of my avocados?

So what if you choose a perfectly ripe avocado while it’s still green and it’s not ready to use it since it wasn’t ripe enough when you picked it? If it’s time to depart and your avocado isn’t ready, please accept our apologies. Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do (well, nearly nothing—but more on that in a moment). You’ll have to make do with one underripe avocado or go without avocado altogether.

If you have more than 12 hours before you wish to utilize the avocado, there is still a chance.

Here’s how to ripen avocados in record time.

Surely you are familiar with the practice of placing unripe fruits in a brown paper bag in order for them to mature more quickly. It does, in fact, function as follows: Place an unripe avocado and a ripe banana in a paper bag and fold the opening down to allow the avocado to ripen at room temperature on your countertop for a day or two to speed up the ripening process.

Here’s how science works: When some fruits mature, they release ethylene gas, which is a plant hormone (which also gives a musty, sweet odor that smells like ripe fruit). This natural gas is produced as a byproduct of ripening, but it also has the additional benefit of shortening the ripening period of nearby fruits. The avocado will mature more rapidly if the amount of time it spends exposed to the gas is increased. Is there no bananas? It is also possible to use an apple. Additionally, if a paper bag isn’t available, you may invert a heavy bowl over the fruit to get the same effect. It’s only that you shouldn’t put it in a plastic bag since it might retain too much moisture and promote mold to grow.

Is it possible to microwave avocados?

A video hack that claims that microwaving avocados would quickly ripen them may have caught your attention. We’ll concede that it (sort of) works, but there are several disadvantages to using this strategy. Microwaving an avocado does not truly result in a ripe avocado; rather, it results in a cooked avocado. The flesh will be softer, but it will not be as creamy as it would be if the fruit were allowed to mature on its own (or by using the paper bag trick). The nutty taste, on the other hand, will not be as well developed as it may be. If you want to mash the avocado, this approach will work in an emergency, but it is not recommended for sliced avocado.

If you’re in desperate need of guacamole and you need it immediately, follow these steps: Using a knife, gently cut your avocados in half (this will reduce the danger of an avocado bursting), and remove the pit. Wrap each avocado half in plastic wrap and microwave for 30 seconds at a time, checking the texture of the avocado half after each interval. Refrigerate the avocado halves until they are cold before mashing them and seasoning generously with lime juice, garlic, and salt.

When are avocados considered ripe and should they be refrigerated?

Have you come across a bunch of avocados that are perfectly ripe? You’re in luck! Keep them in the fridge whole if you aren’t planning to eat them within a day. If possible, put them in an airtight container or crisper drawer to avoid them drying out. Do you need to keep avocados that have been cut? Rub a little lime or lemon juice over the sliced surface to avoid browning, then store them in an airtight container (or securely wrapped in plastic) in the refrigerator.

Avocados are perishable and should be used within a few days after being cut. Whole, ripe avocados will not survive much longer than that before becoming mushy or developing unsightly brown patches. Take advantage of them as soon as possible!

Do you have any suggestions on what I should do with my overripe avocados?

There are a plethora of avocado recipes to choose from online. Chili is a hearty, warming dish that may be dressed up with sliced vegetables and garnishes. Toss with mayonnaise and serve on a summer turkey burger. Salads containing loads of citrus, both sweet and salty, benefit from the addition. You may use it as a dairy-free secret binder in your homemade vegan fudge recipes. Make your avocado toast more interesting by experimenting with different toppings. Add this to your taco night buffet for the whole family. Combine all of the ingredients to make our best-ever guacamole. Just keep one thing in mind: you do not, under any circumstances, need an avocado slicer.


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