How To Tell If Spinach Has Gone Bad

How To Tell If Spinach Has Gone Bad

Spinach looks to be one of the greatest things around for you and yours since it has been Popeye’s favourite meal in a can and is now a superfood that can be found in health smoothies all over the globe. If the spinach is not fresh, it will not have the nutrients that a body that is otherwise healthy requires in order to perform at its peak. However, if the spinach is fresh, it will have these nutrients.

It is not too difficult to determine whether or not spinach has gone bad since it is a vegetable that is leafy green in appearance. The leaves and stems of fresh spinach are both crisp and firm, and the spinach itself has a vivid green hue. If your greens lack any of these traits, you may need to examine, smell, and feel them more closely in order to determine whether or not they are of high quality. It’s okay if your spinach is showing some signs of wilting, but you should be sure to utilize it as soon as possible. If there is a change in the colour of the spinach or if there are any growths on it, such as mould, then you need to throw it away. According to Cully’s Kitchen, two more telltale symptoms of spoiled food are a putrid stench and a slimy consistency.

How to Avoid Letting Food Go Bad

When you go to the store to purchase spinach, you want to be sure to look for it to have a vibrant green colour and a solid structure. The rot that starts on only one or two wilted or rotting leaves may rapidly spread to the rest of the spinach, so you need to be careful to keep an eye out for the “bad apples” (or in this case, — stems and leaves). Because moisture is the key factor in the deterioration of food, MyRecipes recommends drying spinach first and then storing it in the refrigerator as soon as possible. This will ensure that the spinach stays as fresh as possible.

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If it has been correctly prepared and sealed in an airtight container, spinach should keep for approximately two weeks in your refrigerator; if it has been there for more than that amount of time, you should either dispose of it or carefully inspect it for evidence that it has gone bad. All Recipes advise wrapping your spinach in a paper towel before storing it in a storage container or bag that has a tight seal and putting it in a drawer of your refrigerator to ensure that it stays cold and dry.


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