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Miller’s Ale House In United States

Whether you want to unwind or rev up, you’ll discover a home full of potential friends who are eager to participate in the fun. There are over 90 Miller’s Ale House restaurants in ten states, all themed around sports. Making new acquaintances here is as simple as placing an order for another drink.

Whether you’re in the mood for a hearty meal or just a drink, Miller’s Ale House has something for everyone. The full-service bar has over 35 beers on tap, as well as a wide range of specialty cocktails and pitchers of mixed drinks to choose from.

Most frequented by locals in search of craft beer, delectable bar cuisine, and comforting American fare, this restaurant is quietly succeeding. As a result, Miller’s no-reservation policy means you’ll likely have to wait for a table if you want to watch the game with friends and family.

Miller’s Ale House History

The original Miller’s Ale House was founded by Jack and Claire Miller in Jupiter, Florida, in 1988 (though Miller’s Ale House). The pair wanted to expand their eatery into a franchise after finding success in this location. By 2013, Miller’s Ale House has grown to 65 locations throughout the United States. According to a news statement from Roark Capital Partners, that’s when Jack Miller and SKM Equity Fund III sold the company to Roark Capital Partners.

Miller’s Ale House chairman Phil Hickey remarked, “Jack Miller and the whole Ale House team have built a genuinely unique restaurant concept that focuses on excellent cuisine, wonderful service, and great value.” Phil Hickey assumed control of Miller’s Ale House following the sale. According to its website, Miller’s Ale House has expanded to 98 locations since the purchase was completed. The firm is expanding rapidly, with eight to ten additional locations planned each year. The present proprietors of Miller’s look to be doing a fine job. Among the other well-known chains owned by Roark Capital include Arby’s, Auntie Anne’s, Cinnabon, and Moe’s Southwest Grill, as well as Carvel Ice Cream and Wingstop.

Miller’s Ale House Menu

Hand-breaded boneless chicken Zingers and Zingers Mountain Melt, bathed in buttermilk and served with your choice of sauce, are house specialties.
Miller’s Ale House’s full menu is as follows:

How many Miller’s Ale House locations are there?

Currently, there are 55 sites in Florida, eight in Pennsylvania, seven in Illinois, six in New York, four in New Jersey, three each in Tennessee and Maryland, two each in Georgia and Ohio, and one in each of the states of Delaware, Massachusetts, and Virginia

Beer variety at Miller’s is enormous

Because the restaurant’s name includes the word “ale house,” it is only natural that it would place a focus on beer. Miller’s Ale House successfully blends the notions of a restaurant and a pub by emphasizing both food and drink equally. While the company offers a wide variety of beverages, from sodas to cocktails, the beer program is notably well-executed. If you’re a regular client, you may expect to see something fresh on the menu every time you come in. Newcomers who enter the establishment based only on the word “ale house” on the sign will not be dissatisfied. Lager and IPA fans alike will be content with this beer.

In the past, the beer list at Miller’s Ale House has included as many as 75 different types of beer. The former norm for a bar’s number of taps was about six or eight, according to the Bar-i blog. Craft beer establishments may now offer anywhere from 20 to 40 beers on tap at a time. Miller’s Ale House advertises on its website that it offers more than 35 beers on tap, which is comparable to other brewers.

Miller’s own chicken tenders

Is it a boneless wing? What’s that? Pâté de poulet n/a: A “Zinger” at Miller’s Ale House. Miller’s didn’t want to be just another pub food chain, so it improved a fried staple to become a trademark dish. Miller’s menu and marketing include zingers prominently, as the chain’s website attests. According to LancasterOnline, regulars love Zingers and newcomers should too.

No, Miller didn’t create the wheel. But they’ve devised a winning recipe for chicken strips. Boneless, fried, never frozen, buttermilk-coated, hand-breaded Zingers The greatest part is picking a sauce. Miller’s now provides 17 sauce choices for your Zingers, from Nashville Hot to Mango Habaero, Caribbean Jerk, Teriyaki, and Garlic Parmesan (via Facebook). On a salad, sandwich, flatbread, or even macaroni and cheese.


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