Monsoon Rehydration Drinks

Monsoon Rehydration Drinks

Good hydration is crucial for optimal health in every season. During the monsoon, you are more likely to get sick than at any other time of year. So, it’s important for people to drink water and get rid of toxins right now.

Here are a few drinks that will help you feel better when it’s hot and humid:

Lime Juice or Lemonade:

It is a very mild, refreshing drink that can make a person feel like they have a new lease on life. You can also get that sweet and sour taste by mixing lime juice with salt and honey. Even if you’re feeling tired, this citrus juice can make you feel more energized right away. This drink has more benefits than just giving people more energy. It helps your body make digestive fluids, keeps you from getting indigestion, and is great for your oral health because it keeps your breath fresh.

Juice from watermelon:

Watermelon contains 90 percent of water which makes it exceedingly hydrating. Both your body and your mind can feel better quickly when you drink watermelon juice. If you drink this juice when it’s hot and humid, you’ll feel instantly better and get rid of the terrible headaches that are common during this time of year. In addition to getting rid of toxins, it can help you feel less tired and less stressed.

Sugarcane juice:

When you drink a cold glass of this refreshing drink, you’ll feel instantly more alert. You can also drink it if you’re having trouble going to the bathroom because it helps keep your digestive tract healthy. India is one of the places that grows the most sugarcane, so this juice is easy to get. Mixing different spices, lemon, mint leaves, and ginger will satisfy your taste buds and improve the flavor.

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