2 August 2022 Aquarius horoscope

Partnership, love.Your irritability doesn't help your connection. You fight about little things and can't envision a future together.

These sensations are temporary, and if you're honest with yourself, you'll regret not being more considerate afterwards. Consider how you'll handle poor emotions.

Work-Life. Always be useful. You may oppose colleagues' suggestions to prove yourself. Helpfulness and cooperation improve projects.

Health.To renew your body image, make your health and well-being a key priority. Rest your body as much as possible and do gentle activity till you feel better.

Family/friendship.You want to hide today. Your relationships suffer because you have trouble communicating. Maybe you need to ponder on these issues. Discussion may help.

Budgeting.Today is bad for financial risks. You're lazy and uncreative. Avoid big initiatives. You lack willpower to finish things. If you push things now, they'll backfire.

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