2021's Top-Selling Burger

USDA data shows Americans consume 2.4 burgers daily (via Quartz). The US Census Bureau forecasted the country's population at 332,403,650 in 2022, thus we consume 797,768,760 burgers a day.

At that pace, you'd eat the 15 finest burgers in the U.S. in two weeks, but you still want to eat decent burgers because you'll consume 876 this year.

You definitely don't want to calculate how long it would take to cook 876 burgers at home or charcoal-grill almost 900 burgers. Apps, delivery, and innovations like Chick-fil-Drive-Thru

A's Express make it easy to have the burger of your dreams in minutes. Drive-thrus provide America's most popular burger.

McDonald's domestic sales are strong despite weak exports. McDonald's sold 4,500 burgers a minute in 2013, said USA Today. McDonald's had the highest U.S. burger sales in 2021. QSR

No doubt. By statistics alone, the Big Mac is America's most popular burger. The quarter pounder with cheese tops our list of popular McDonald's menu items.

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