24-year-old cop shot at traffic stop

Sunday a police officer in Elwood, Indiana, was shot and died Officer Noah Shahnavaz, 24, was conducting a traffic stop in Madison County at 2 a.m. when a suspect exited their vehicle and started fire

"The suspect left his Buick and shot at least one cop for unexplained reasons. The man ran before more cops arrived "WRTV quotes an Indiana State Police press release.

Shahnavaz died from his injuries at a hospital in Indianapolis. Elwood police said he was a five-year Army veteran and 11-month officer.

After escaping again, the culprit was apprehended. Carl Roy Webb Boards II, 42, was recognised. Chief Deputy Prosecutor Andrew Hanna said his agency would file murder charges Monday.

"Finding the correct words has been difficult," remarked Mayor Todd Jones. How do you describe how we feel about Officer Noah Shahnavaz's death?

"This young man's life and career were ruined by needless violence. As a father, I can't imagine Noah's parents' pain "Continuing, Noah was part of the Elwood Police Department and our city family

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