3 Relationship Qualities for Lasting Love

If you find someone with just one or two of these qualities, you will always feel like your relationship is missing something.

But if you find someone who has all three of these things, you might find yourself attracted to someone who isn't your "usual type."

One of the biggest differences between all of your relationships and your romantic relationship is that you have sex with each other.

1. You must be sexually attracted to them.

If there is no sexual appeal between you, then they will think of you more as a friend.

How do you tell if anything like this is missing?

You like kissing, cuddling, and making love to them. You like different things about their bodies. You find it easy to be attracted to them.

How to tell if you have this?

Do you feel safe enough to tell them secrets? Do you laugh with each other? Then it's likely that you'd get along well as friends.

2. You have to have friendship compatibility.

If you lack friendship compatibility, you'll like sleeping with them and the occasional discussion, but not spending Sunday afternoons with them. 

How do you know if this is missing?

You like being around each other, you have fun together, and you'd be happy to hang out with them on the weekend.

How you know if you have this?

Most people don't think about this point. If you don't think your partner is as smart as you are, it might be hard for the relationship to go anywhere.

3. They have to be as smart as you are.

Intellectual stimulation prevents boredom. Unopposed. Or missing something subtle. You may lose respect for them since you don't feel equal.

How do you know if this is missing?

You're looking forward to the talks you'll have with them. You can often be amazed by them and how smart they are in their own way. 

How you know if you have this?