30-year fixed mortgage rate rising alarmingly

Recent Federal Reserve statistics may alarm homeowners eyeing 30-year fixed mortgage rates. 30-year fixed mortgage rates hit a record low at the end of 2020 (per Rocket Mortgage), 

but their steep ascent from January 2022 to the present has experts alarmed. Most financial experts believe inflation will continue through most of 2023.

The precipitous rise in 30-year fixed mortgage rates that began in late 2021 is unprecedented territory. Some may claim it's a return to normality, given that rates have been falling since the 1980s

this rate growth is unprecedented since 2018. Rate hikes like the present pattern were last seen in the 1990s

Young potential homeowners may need to rethink how to design their flat, according to The Washington Post. 

With inflation at a near-record level, many industry experts don't expect 30-year fixed mortgage rates to drop soon.

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