5 Common Face Mask Mistakes

When used appropriately, a face mask may be beneficial to your skin. Face masks are popular self-care aids that assist with dullness and excess oil. 

Unwashed face maskWash and dry your face before applying a mask. Masks may trap germs and filth.

Poor HygieneBefore applying a face mask, cleanse your skin and hands. You don't want hand bacteria or oils on your face.

OverexposureDistracted mask-wearing may cause redness, sensitivity, and discomfort (the ingredients used in some masks

Don't Over-ProductWhen it comes to face masks, less is more. Super-thick layers don't improve masking. On clean, dry skin, apply one uniform layer.

Mask Not MoisturizedMasking can't replace other aesthetic tasks, so don't think it can. Masking is never the final step in your skincare procedure. 

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