5 Myths and Misconceptions About Coffee!

It's essential to global cuisine. Every nation, region, and culture prepares and consumes coffee differently.

1. Coffee Is Not a Bean

It's not a bean. a seed Technically, it's the endosperm (pit) of a coffee plant fruit. It's wrapped with a thin red fruit that's removed after cleaning. 

2. European Coffee Isn’t From Europe

Europe doesn't cultivate coffee. They grow throughout Central and South America, Africa, Asia, Hawaii, and the Arabian Peninsula. 

3. Dark Roasts Don’t Have More Caffeine

Darker coffee isn't always "stronger" in terms of caffeine content. When green coffee is roasted, it's toasted to varying degrees, exactly like toast.

4. Starbucks Coffee Isn’t Burned

 As with fast-food restaurants, a billion-dollar coffee roaster has different ambitions than your local roaster.

5. Decaf Is Good, Actually

Decaf is misunderstood. It's linked with low-quality taste and "fake" coffee consumers. Both false. That's gatekeeping.

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