5 Simple Ways to Stop Snoring!

Snoring is annoying whether you sleep alone or with a light sleeper. Lifetime snorers may think they can't stop their head from humming at night, but they can.

1. Sleep on your side.

Switching sleeping positions may minimize snoring. Back sleeping narrows the area between your tongue, soft palate, and neck.

2. Invest in a mouthpiece.

Wearing a mouthguard helps clear airways. A properly-fitted gadget may move your jaw and flatten your tongue. Custom-made gadgets will operate better than store-bought ones.

3. Cut back on the alcohol.

Drinking relaxes the tongue muscles beyond their typical resting condition, causing snoring. Cut down on alcohol before bed to decrease snoring.

4. Clean your pillows.

Environment may induce constricted airways. If you can't breathe in your bedroom, clean your pillow. Wash yours many times a year and your pillowcases frequently.

5. Wear a nasal strip.

Nasal strips are the least intrusive anti-snoring devices. The adhesive strip dilates nasal passages after being placed to the exterior of the nose.

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