9-Year-Old Boy Killed by Wolf; Friend Critically Injured

A wolf attacked a 9-year-old child and another as they were swimming near a woodland.The wolf tore pieces of meat off the surviving boy's neck and leg.

His friend's mutilated corpse was located in a wooded location followingt he July 28 assault in Kidero, Dagestan, southern Russia.  Third buddy was unharmed.

The 7-9-year-olds were swimming when the wolf attacked.The boy's hospital photos reveal a mass of flesh hanging from his neck. Another displays a big leg wound.

He was scheduled to be sent to Makhachkala on July 29.The Dagestan Ministry of Internal Affairs reported "A tragic catastrophe happened today in that  area." 

"Children were swimming in the river's backwaters." One youngster was bitten by the wild animal (he was hospitalised),

 The Ministry subsequently declared , He'll be sent to Makhachkala for treatment tomorrow" The Ministry urged netizens to "not share misleading information" since it "hurts caring individuals." 

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