A Mango Shortage May Be Coming. 

Here's Why!

Climate change is marked by changes in weather patterns that aren't normal, but these changes also explain why agricultural yields are going down.

Recently, the country has been exporting mangoes worth tens of millions of dollars all over the world. However, the hot weather has made it possible that there will be a shortage of mangoes.

Climate change affects mango production more than import restrictions and pests, according to The Print.

According to the South China Morning Post, frequent rains and strong temperature variations may affect mango blooming and fruiting, resulting in fewer, less mature, and lower-quality mangos.

In a similar way, the Times of India says that climate change has changed the ratio of male to female flowers, which affects crop yields.

The New York Times says that small-scale farmers depend on mango production to make a living. So, of course, a shortage of mangos would hurt food security.

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