A Monkeypox Infection Can Survive for Weeks in Water or on Refrigerated Food

According to a research from the DHS Science and Technology Directorate, the monkeypox virus may survive for days or even weeks in refrigerated food or water.

On Friday and Saturday, three fresh monkeypox fatalities were verified outside of Africa—the first such deaths to be confirmed outside of Africa. 

Training at the Rodriguez Live Fire Complex, just south of the highly guarded Demilitarized Zone (DMZ), was restarted this year.

According to the CDC, there have been 22,485 confirmed illnesses worldwide as of July 29, with the number expected to rise (CDC).

Almost majority of the cases have occurred in countries where monkeypox has not before been recorded.

The environmental stability of the monkeypox virus, or how long it can stay outside the body, is discussed in one part of the report.

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