After his son's accident, NASCAR driver Kyle Petty said he "never" thought about giving up racing.

Kyle Petty grew up around NASCAR. Racing is "part of [his] DNA" as a third-generation driver, the son of the winningest driver in history, a record-setter in his own right

 and the father of a fourth-generation racer and further record-breaker. Kyle worked as a driver for Petty Enterprises before becoming its CEO

and going on to become an NBC analyst. While going through this, he lost his son Adam tragically in a training accident

but he continued to love racing and "always found a way to carry on.

My thoughts never considered slowing down. Instead, I felt compelled to keep racing for Adam, possibly for a longer period of time than I should have.

I've been around racing since from the day I was born. I was born with it. 

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