Agnipath Scheme: What is the income differential between regular army troops and firemen, according to the numbers?

How much will Agniveers be paid?In the year of recruiting, each Agniveer will get a salary of $30,000 a month. In the second year, Agniveer's pay will rise to 33 thousand rupees

36 thousand 500 rupees in the third year, and 40 thousand rupees in the fourth year. 70% of this will be paid out as pay. 

The remaining 30% will be put into the Agniveer Corps Fund, often known as the Service Fund package.

Agniveers would get 21 thousand rupees in cash per month for the first year. In the second year, it will rise to Rs 23,100, then to Rs 25,580 in the third year

Salary reduction will save you roughly Rs 5.02 lakh over the next four years. In addition, the government will contribute the equivalent amount to this fund. 

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