America has the chance to benefit from Germany's self-inflicted industrial calamity.

Angela Merkel's German government opposed bailing out the eurozone's peripheral nations, notably Greece and Italy, in the early phases of the sovereign debt crisis in 2008.

At the period, German opinion implied that Southern Europeans were slothful.

Germany did eventually provide its backing to the European Central Bank's bailout measures, however. why the change

The issue facing Germany is that natural gas costs 20 times more in Northern Europe than they do in the United States. Energy-intensive activities are already being shut down by German firms.

The plants for ammonia fertiliser are being shut down by the German chemical giant BASF. It will only become worse in winter. Manufacturing in Germany will experience a severe freeze. 

The United States, in contrast, is a low-cost energy producer. Here, a 1,000 cubic foot supply of natural gas costs roughly $8.00. 

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