Noah Thompson and Huntergirl present a country duel on 'American Idol'

After a country music showdown, a new winner was named at the end of "American Idol." The finale also included performances by all of the show's best singers and visits to the contestants' homes.

Leah Marlene, Huntergirl, and Noah Thompson made their last pleas for America's vote during the three-hour live show Sunday night.

Katy Perry cries over 'Flowers' by Leah Marlene.

Marlene's mental health struggles inspired the song, she claimed online. Marlene's mental health has improved, but she hopes the song helps others.

Huntergirl graduates from star to 'supernova'

Next, Huntergirl performed "Dancing in the Dark" Huntergirl slayed Springsteen's classic as a country vocalist.

Christian Guardino and Michael Bublé duet with Nicolina

The program was filled with filler performances while spectators waited for the live voting results.

The final two give final country face-off

Ryan Seacrest named Marlene as third place around an hour into the event. Huntergirl and Thompson would perform again for America's final vote.


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