Another arrest in Alabama for a former Cowboys linebacker

Rolando McClain, a former linebacker for the Alabama Crimson Tide and the Dallas Cowboys, was detained once more this week on suspicion of drug and weapon possession.

McClain, 33, was stopped for speeding on Highway 157 in Moulton, Alabama, according to a report from Birmingham ABC station anchor Stephen Quinn.

According to authorities, an officer could smell marijuana emanating from McClain's car as he approached it. According to the police, this gave them a reason to search the car.

McClain then admitted to having a gun in his car to the authorities. McCain lacked the necessary permits to drive with a concealed handgun.

McClain's sixth arrest since 2011 resulted from that. He was accused of speeding, having marijuana in the second degree, and having a concealed firearm without a permit.

He last played for the Cowboys in 2015, but they didn't formally cut him until 2019. That was after the NFL lifted its 2016-starting indefinite suspension for substance usage.

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