Answer to Quordle 192: Word for August 4, 2022

We solved August 3, 2022's Quordle in seven out of nine guesses, which shocked us. The solution is medium-difficult on paper.

 It has five non-common letters, but many are unusual. One double letter could throw you off. The third word is the hardest; 

it's a verb for ending a rebellion. The solution is listed below.
Answer 192:

“FLUKE”“VINYL”“QUELL” s“TAKEN”"LUCKY" is one of the three words we use to start every puzzle. We got the "K" in "FLUKE" and "U" in "QUELL" quickly

This narrows down the options for every five-letter word that starts with the unusual "Q" consonant. Given the double "L," you'll probably solve "QUELL" last.

The "K" is in two words, so perhaps you'll get it soon. You'll probably receive it in "TAKEN" first because "FLUKE" has the front "F" "VINYL" has the rare "V" consonant

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