Apple fired women who complained about wrongdoing.

The Financial Times stated that Apple promoted a culture of indifference toward employee wrongdoing and penalised against employees who complained about coworkers, 

 including those who reported sexual assault. If true, the charges contradict Apple's image of inclusion and undermine its success in improving staff diversity.

Multiple women reported sexual assault, bullying, and other problems to Apple's HR department. Megan Mohr said a coworker snapped images of her as she slept after a platonic night out. 

As an Apple employee, he "hasn't broken any policy in the context of his Apple employment," Apple's HR department wrote in an email obtained by FT. 

Margaret Anderson complained of a "toxic work atmosphere" and "gaslighting" and stated a male vice-president sought to terminate her based on bogus charges from before she joined Apple

Apple told the Financial Times it investigates misbehaviour complaints carefully and creates "an atmosphere where workers feel comfortable disclosing any difficulties.

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