At Yellowstone National Park, a Giant Bison Is Making People Laugh.

According to a CNN/National Park Service research, Yellowstone is one of the most commonly visited national parks because of its diverse scenery and fauna. 

 Even yet, the sight of these enormous beasts amid Yellowstone's forests and mountains is breathtaking.

 When a bison stands in the centre of the road, it's not only gorgeous, but it also has a lot to say. 

Yes, that's where I was! Well! We'd pull over to get a better look at this person, but his grunts were the icing on the cake.

Because it's such an unusual sound, we liken it to a cross between a cow moo and a lion roar.

There are some similarities, but this is still a distinct sound. I feel like he's broadcasting a message to all of those parked vehicles!

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