Before the 2022 Perseid Meteor Shower Peaks 

The Perseid meteor shower peaks on August 11. Due to moonlight, the optimal time to watch the event in 2022 may be earlier

At the shower's height, clear skies and little light pollution should allow you to view 50 to 75 meteors per hour, according to the AMS.

In 2022, the full moon will make the event harder to view."Satellite light may impair the spectacle. Last year was great since the moon was fresh and invisible, 

"This year's final supermoon will coincide with the Perseids' peak. Full moon affects meteor shower delight throughout nightDue to moonlight

A few of nights before the peak, on August 9, it may be possible to observe 30 meteors per hour inside a limited window, the astronomer added.

A few nights before  peak, on August 9, it may be  moon will set 60 minutes before dawn  Space  burns  in the atmosphere,  the sun every 133 years and contains a 16-mile-wide nucleus.

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