Unusual Behaviors to Gain Respect

1. Sharing a flaw.

We're all afraid of being shunned and laughed at, therefore most of us want to seem perfect and good. Tell us a flaw you have.  This makes you a minority and proves you're human.

2. Smiling less.

Unsmiling people are a mystery.
We can spot false smiles.
We hate fakery. If someone grins at everything, no smile has power.

3. Repeating their words.

Few help others feel heard.
Repeating what individuals say may be effective. It strengthens your relationship.

4. Making someone uncomfortable.

Few help others feel heard.
People will admire your guts if you go closer to the truth and stop avoiding hard matters.

5. Being undistracted.

How nice to see a listener!
People who aren't distracted by ferrets are unusual. Differently. Attention, please! Make people comfortable. Respect.

6. Touching

Communication isn't always verbal.
Body language is important for building relationships. Appropriate and infrequent physical contact may make your connection memorable.

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