Lotus roots: Know the many benefits of kamal kakdi

Lotus roots, or kamal kakdi, provide a crisp, sweet flavor to soups and curries. If you're not already eating this wonderful veggie, you should.

Lotus roots are high in fibre and low in cholesterol and include macro and micronutrients that help heart and intestinal health.

The woody, fleshy root of the lotus plant is full of dietary fiber, which is known to make stools bulkier and move more quickly.

Lotus root may alleviate constipation symptoms while optimizing nutritional absorption through the release of digestive and gastric fluids and increasing peristaltic activity.

Lotus root's iron and copper help produce red blood cells, reduce anemia risk, and enhance blood flow. This root promotes organ oxygenation and blood circulation.

The potassium in lotus root balances the body's fluids and counteracts the effects of sodium in the circulation.

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