Best family guard dogs

Tibetan mastiffs were raised in the Himalayas to protect people and cattle. This huge breed is aloof, psychologically smart, observant, and a touch primitive, according to DiNardo. 

Russian bear dog, Caucasian Ovcharka, Caucasian mountain dog, and Caucasian sheepdog are names for the Caucasian shepherd. This renowned Russian dog breed has a bear-like face

AmStaff pit-bulls are friendly, lively, and active. These dogs are mentally stimulated and have personality. They need a lot of activity but might overheat in warm weather and are poor swimmers

 Giant schnauzers require regular mental and physical stimulation or they become destructive. They hunt smaller pets, thus they perform best as the lone pet in the household.

Swiss alpine dogs are clever, and active. Appenzellers are cautious of newcomers and not pushovers despite their friendliness.They're courageous and won't be distracted from guarding their family 

According to the American Beauceron Club, Beaucerons, which resemble Doberman pinschers, are the biggest French sheepdogs. Fans say these big canines are empathetic and clever

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