The best foods for stopping hair loss

Think you need expensive medications, vitamins, or creams to avoid balding? Reconsider. The 20 foods on this list may halt and even reverse hair loss due to their presence of iron, zinc, lysine.

Iron insufficiency, the world's most prevalent dietary deficit, causes hair loss. Canned clams are a significant source of iron.

Oysters provide 7.8 milligrams of iron every 85-gram (three-ounce) serving. Oysters include 71 mg of zinc every 85-gram (three-ounce) dose, which promotes hair development.

Pumpkin seeds provide 4.2 milligrams of iron and 2.9 mg of zinc every 28-gram (one-ounce) intake.

A 3-ounce dose of cow-derived protein contains three hair-growth stimulants: Beef liver contains 5.2 mg of iron, up to 8.6 mg of zinc, and 3 g of lysine, an amino acid that promotes hair development.

Dried and salted fish has 5 g of hair-helping lysine per 85 g (3 oz). It contains iron and zinc.

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