Best  home-friendly nail art ideas

 DotsWhen you remove a bobby pin from your hair, it's likely to fall to the floor and be lost. Pull its prongs apart and use it to dot nail paint

New York nail artist Miss Pop creates dots with a tailor's pin. She puts the pin's pointed end into an eraser before dipping the rounded head in nail paint.

WatercolorsAmy Tan shows how to create watercolor masterpieces on each nail. Tan produced the watercolor look by mixing coloured polishes with clear polish and applying them on loosely

Neon tipsIn school, you patched hole-punched paper with donut-shaped stickers. Stickies are a great nail-art tool for producing French

DoodlesAccording to nail specialist Kate Bonar, your daydreaming notebook designs might inspire your at-home manicure.

Latest white-and-gold nail artWhite nails are timeless and attractive year-round. Sharp color highlights nail length and form. White nails may be accented for a unique and interesting look.

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