Has Biden's economy impacted lives? People weigh in

Shoppers at grocery stores in New York and Virginia talked about how the economy and rising prices have changed their lives under President Biden.

"Biden ruined my life," stated Brad from Virginia. "This government is considerably more ideological than everyone expected, and that's contributed to the current difficulties."

President Biden told the AFLI-CIO he didn't "want to hear anymore distortions about irresponsible spending" and that his government is "changing people's lives."

Critics say Biden administration expenditure, such as COVID-19 stimulus cheques, has spurred price hikes. Pandemic expenditures led to 3% inflation by 2021.

"As far as spending is concerned, it’s changed for the worse but generally speaking, there hasn’t been a lot of change." 

Akbar, of Virginia, said: "I think people are quick to forget the situation during COVID-19 and the lockdowns, you know, money had to be spent." 

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