Butter doesn't only flavor mashed potatoes.

It's easy to make mashed potatoes, but it's hard to get them just right. Even though everyone has different tastes, no one wants gooey or runny mashed potatoes at dinner.

Butter is important. Allrecipes says butter makes potato starch richer and creamier and prevents sticking. Butter prevents other dairy liquids from making potatoes mushy.

How you put the ingredients in is also important. Because butter helps keep the potatoes from absorbing the rest of the dairy, it should always be added before milk or cream.

The amount of butter you use depends on what kind of mashed potatoes you want to make. If you want French-style pommes purée that is very creamy, add a lot of butter.

Yukon Golds are best for French-style mashed potatoes. Using the incorrect sort of potato might cause French-style mashed potatoes to separate.

The butter will stick to the Yukon Golds, and the potatoes' creamy texture and rich taste will go well with the butter.

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