New northern California wildfire forces evacuations.

A big new wildfire broke out in Klamath national forest in northern California amid blazing heat, dryness, and lightning.

The McKinney fire has burned 18,000 acres in 12 hours and is uncontained. It's a virtual repetition of the recent Washburn and Oak fires in California's western Sierra Nevada.

“The McKinney fire has grown significantly as winds from late evening thunderstorms kept the fire active through the night,” National Park Service officials tweeted.

"The fire ran north and south. Firefighters switched from perimeter control to evacuations, point protection, and building defense.

The park service issued a red flag warning. “Fire management anticipate a highly dynamic day on the fire as forecasted weather is problematic,” park authorities stated. 

After Friday's thunderstorms, the McKinney fire grew explosively overnight, generating a fire-generated rainstorm.

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