Can You Get "Drunk" Without Alcohol?

How do you toast with friends, family, and strangers? There are various methods to say cheers, Mabuhay, Proost, Salud, or Sláinte before drinking.

Alcohol predates mankind. Our monkey ancestors started digesting alcohol millions of years ago. A spontaneous genetic mutation may have allowed our ancestors to eat fermenting fruit.

In 7000 B.C., humans began drinking alcohol. Since then, mankind are fascinated with booze. A drink or two a day may have health advantages, but excessive drinking is harmful.

You can become intoxicated without drinking alcohol. A uncommon medical condition redefines the phrase "homemade brew."

Auto brewery syndrome is when you feel intoxicated without drinking. Auto brewery syndrome causes involuntary gut alcohol production. The body turns sugar and carbs into ethanol.

Auto brewery syndrome has several negative effects. You may burp or lose motor skills and attention. You may feel dizzy, weary, speechless, or foggy.

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