Is It Cheaper to Take a Shower or a Bath?

Recent heat and humidity may have you spending extra time in the shower or bath. Those who pay for water may ask which is more expensive: showering or bathing. Know this.

Variables include bathtub size (and how far you fill it), shower head, and shower length.

The typical shower lasts eight minutes and consumes 16 gallons of water, according to the EPA.

The normal bathtub holds 80 gallons, thus half-filling it is still 40 gallons. The EPA recommends blocking the drain and changing the temperature as the tub fills to conserve water. 

Since showering uses less water than bathing, let's calculate how much it costs to get clean. Find out how much water you pay in your city.

Suppose you pay $1.50/1k gallons of water, live with one other person, and each take an 8-minute shower daily. Depending on your power costs and shower head, a year's worth of showers will cost $200.

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