Cholesterol-Rising Foods

Soda. Sugar is the biggest adversary. According to Progress in Cardiovascular Diseases, it may raise cholesterol and heart disease risk more than saturated fat

Meat is high-cholesterol food to avoid. Your body needs cholesterol to make cells and hormones. Lean, unprocessed red meat as part of a Mediterranean-style diet may boost heart health

Spano claims man-made trans fatty acids boost cholesterol and cause heart disease.Prepackaged baked foods, desserts, chocolate. Avoid products with partially hydrogenated oils, adds Spano.

Deep-frying foods in unhealthy oils increases the development of trans fats. Deep-fried meals to avoid with high cholesterol are also unhealthy or fattening, like fried chicken and donuts.

Simple carbohydrates without fibre cause inflammation and LDL cholesterol to rise. Overeating refined carbs like white rice, pasta, and bread can have the same effect as drinking soda

Fast food is generally unhealthy and lacks nutrition, but it can be especially bad for cholesterol. People who eat fast food more than once a week have higher LDL and total cholesterol

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