Choose your best and lucky  zodic sign for you according  astrology 

Aries astrology factsFirePositive CardinalMars ruleFirstRed spiritDiamondThistle, honeysuckleSagittarius love matches Aries sign traits

Zodiac TaurusEarthelementNeutralRuler: VenusSecond Spirit PINKLucky RubyRose, poppy, foxgloveCancer & Virgo

Gemini Element: AirPositive Rule Changeable MarsRuling Spirit: Third YELLOWLucky Emerald, Tiger's EyeLavender with lily-of-the-valleyAries & Leo: Best Couples

Water is Cancer's element. NegativeCardinal-qualityPlanet: Moon House: Fourth Spirit Color: VioletLucky Ruby/pearlOrchid and roseTaurus & Pisces Make Great Couples

Leo Element: FirePolarity: PositiveFixed-Rule SunFifth Spirit presides GoldenCarnelianMarigold, sunflowerLibra top match

Earth is Virgo's element.NeutralRule Changeable MarsRuling Spirit: Sixth SILVERLucky PeridotMarigold, sunflowerCancer top match

Libra: AirPosiCardinal-qualityVenus rules.Seventh Spirit House BlueLucky RubyROSEFavorite Gemini.

Scorpio Element: Water Polarity: NegativeFixed-Rule Pluto/MarsEighth Spirit presides BLACKLucky Topaz, opalHibiscus, geraniumsCancer top match

Sagittarius Element: FirePosiRule Changeable Jupiter.Ruling Spirit: Ninth Blue-lightLucky Topaz.Crocuses, carnationsAries loves Taurus

Capricorn Element: EarthNeutralCardinal-qualitySaturn rulesTenth Spirit's House Blue-blackLapis lazuliPansiesFavorite VIRGO

Air is Aquarius' element.Polarity: PositiveFixed-Rule Uranus's Planet Spirit 11 Sky-blueAmethyst: Lucky GemORCHIDTop Sagittarius

Pisces Zodiac Traits Water Element Negative PolarityRule Changeable NeptuneRuling Spirit House AquamarineMoonstone is luckyWaterlilyVirgo loves Gemini

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