Fox News fired Chris Stirewalt. He's right.

Chris Stirewalt appeared to have no remorse after making a contentious election-night call and losing his employment with "the greatest decision desk in the news industry."

Former Fox News political editor talked eloquently, colorfully, and firmly Monday about what occurred in November 2020 when a news company that has turned into Trump's propaganda arm went off script.

Stirewalt and his colleagues called Arizona for Biden shockingly early. At 11:20 p.m. Eastern, 73% of votes were tallied.

He told a select committee on Jan. 6 that they required assurance and unity. His team used data, expertise, and experience.

"Everyone responded 'yes,'" he remembered, so they placed the vital state into Biden's column before any other news outlet.

Stirewalt's short testimony appeared motivated by the same trait he exalted on the judgment desk: conviction in the truth of what he was stating.

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