Coffee with sugar may help you live longer.

During a seven-year follow-up, regular drinkers of unsweetened coffee were 16–21% less likely to die than people who didn't drink coffee.

Researchers found that people who added sugar to their coffee and drank 1-3 1/2 cups a day were 29%-31% less likely to die.

Researchers found that sweetened coffee consumers in the UK averaged one teaspoon of sugar. Unsweetened coffee drinkers drank ground, instant, or decaf, according to studies.

After accounting for demographic and lifestyle characteristics, researchers found "moderate intake of unsweetened and sugar-sweetened coffee were linked with equivalent decreases in mortality risk."

Do you like your coffee with an artificial sweetener? Researchers said there was no clear evidence that drinking coffee with artificial sweeteners was good for you.

"Although we can't prove that coffee decreases mortality risk, the data doesn't imply that most coffee consumers – especially those who drink it without or with little sugar – should quit.

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