Coldest Spot In Our Solar System?

 Consider Pluto, the Solar System's most distant body. It's 7.5 billion kilometres from Earth, according to Space. In the area between and beyond, there are marvels still to be uncovered.

NASA says East Antarctic Plateau is the coldest area on Earth. Temperatures there may drop to -133.6 degrees Fahrenheit. Places beyond Earth make the East Antarctic Plateau look balmy.

Uranus, according to World Atlas, is the coldest of the eight actual planets, even though it's closest to the Sun. Uranus averages -374°F (minus 224 Celsius). Earth's average is 57 F. (14 Celsius).

The second-most distant real planet is the coolest. Astronomy requires hypothesis and guess (outer space being quite a sizable place, as we know). The Solar System's coldest location may be colder.

Uranus is one of the Solar System's coldest planets. NASA calls it an ice giant with a helium, hydrogen, and methane atmosphere, therefore nothing could survive there (as far as we know).

According to Live Science, these places may reach -414.67 F (248.15 C) or below. This would make them colder than the Solar System's planets and dwarf planet.

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