Colonoscopies have never been simpler to prepare for.

In the past, patients had to use laxatives like castor oil or magnesium citrate to empty out their colons in advance of a colonoscopy, which may take several days. 

In 1984, a powder-based treatment was introduced to patients that they may consume the day before a colonoscopy, and things improved.

 GoLYTELY, a colon-cleansing drink, tastes bad, but claims gastroenterologist Jack Di Palma.

A professor of internal medicine at the University of South Alabama College of Medicine, "reduced 312 days of pain into 312 hours of suffering."

Colonoscopy prep remains the largest barrier to screening, as doctors thread flexible tubes into the colon to gain a camera's-eye view of the inside of the organ.

 As a result, last year's acceptance of a significantly less nauseating preparation alternative for patients was well appreciated.

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