Cooking Eggplant With Oil!

Eggplant is a versatile ingredient. Eggplants are excellent and adaptable, whether made into baba ganoush, eggplant parmesan, or hot garlic eggplant.

No matter how you cook eggplants, use little oil. Eggplants absorb cooking flavors. Tempting though it may seem, frying eggplant in oil may result in a greasy mess instead of crisp slices.

You will also add a lot of fat to your meal. One good thing about eggplants is that they don't have a lot of calories or fat, but adding a lot of oil will make all of that go away.

This is because eggplants are a lot like sponges. According to Allrecipes, they tend to take in as much oil as you give them.

When they are covered in a lot of oil or fried in oil, they tend to soak up too much of the fat and become greasy.

The best thing to do before roasting or pan-searing vegetables is to lightly brush them with oil. This will give them a good coat without destroying them.

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