Creative Ideas For Covering Your Windows

When allowed, windows may transform a property. It's a shame to hide up such beauty. Traditional coverings are frequently monotonous, leaving homeowners unhappy.

Make Use Of Vintage Tablecloths And Aprons

If you're a treasure hunter who stops at every flea market they see, you can put those old apron or tablecloth collections to use. 

Frosted Glass Is Always A Classic

Frosted glass is versatile. The soft, delicate aesthetic complements classic, artistic, contemporary, rustic, and eclectic houses.

A Fun Wooden Sign

Hang a sign in the window to express your sense of humor, sensitivity, or inspiration. Don't purchase a sign. You can DIY.

Southern Style With Shutters

Hutters remind us of beaches, islands, the south, and the past. Shutters perform effectively on the inside and outside of hurricane-prone homes.

Hang Plants 

A collection of plants looks great in a window. Plants like the sun, and as they grow, you can watch them and get just the right amount of privacy.

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