Curd is safe to eat for uric acid patients.

A rise in uric acid levels in the body might be problematic. The breakdown of purine-containing proteins in the body produces uric acid. 

 When the amount of purine in the body increases and the kidneys are unable to filter it out, the body's uric acid level rises.

Gout is caused by a rise in the quantity of uric acid in the body, which causes it to accumulate in the form of crystals in the joints.

When the amount of uric acid in the body rises, it mixes with the blood and is stored in the bones. Gout, often known as arthritis pain, is a condition in which the joints hurt.

The patient finds it difficult to stand and sit due to the pain. The consumption of certain foods, such as liver, beer, peas, beans, and anchovy fish, causes uric acid levels to rise rapidly.

Consumption of sour foods also raises the level of uric acid, according to Ayurveda. Yogurt has a sour taste, therefore it could raise uric acid levels. 

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