Depression's Hidden Truths

30,000 Americans kill themselves annually. Depression underlies two-thirds of these instances. 6.7% of adults encounter a serious depressive episode each year.

Those who aren't part of the 6.7% can't grasp depression. Lack of mental disease education and media mistakes lead to misconceptions.

Pervasive brain illness depression affects all part of the sufferer's life. As a suicide reason, it may be lethal.

Depression, like cancer, has nothing to do with strength or character. Genes, biology, environment, and psychology go beyond mood.

Telling her she has "nothing to be upset about" or that her physical beauty or age matters suggests a choice, prolonging the overwhelming guilt that frequently haunts depressed people.

Who is at risk for a depressive condition is not based on nationality. Not appearance, race, age, social class, religion, employment, or education.

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