Diet for weight loss: Consume oats to keep healthy

Healthy breakfast: If you have a healthy breakfast in the morning, you'll have energy all day. People like to consume such a diet for breakfast in order to maintain a healthy weight 

Many people enjoy eating oats in such circumstances. Make this unique uttapam if you want to try something different by integrating oats in your diet.

Oats should be put in a mixer and thoroughly ground.Take a large bowl and combine the prepared oat powder with the maida or gram flour.

Next, prepare the batter by adding water on top.For an hour, keep the prepared solution.
The batter now needs salt and chopped red chilies.Make sure the solution doesn't get too thin.

Vegetables should be kept in a plate.
Oil has been heated in a pan.Round out a bowl of batter by placing it in a heated pan.
Add a layer of chopped vegetables.

On the borders, add a few drops of oil.Now flip it over gently so that both sides are golden.
Take pleasure in unique oat uttapam with your preferred chutney.

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