Discovery of dinosaur footprints at a Chinese eatery

It would be a weird use of science if modern restaurants served dinosaur food, yet an increasing number of guests are uncovering evidence of dinosaurs as they eat.

 In the Sichuan region of China, a diner just properly recognised evidence of a dinosaur's existence that had been extinct for millions of years. 

The Washington Post has published a follow-up piece that provides further information about the finding. 

 "Sauropod footprints are not infrequent in the Sichuan Basin," palaeontologist Lida Xing told the Post. However, it's at a restaurant that things take a turn for the bizarre.

It was two weeks ago when experts confirmed that what the restaurant had described as dinosaur tracks were just that—the footsteps created by two dinosaurs more over a hundred million years ago.

It's not a coincidence that "Titan" is in its scientific name since these animals were enormous.

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