Disturbing Effects of Drinking Alcohol 

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Those are only a few of the usual nasty side effects of consuming alcohol of which you’re aware, maybe even from personal experience. 

1. Beer Goggles

When the beers flow and the “beer goggles” are donned, individuals may begin to see a larger range of potential friends as acceptable.

3. Hives, Sneezing, Stuffy Nose

While you might be allergic to beer, most individuals merely have a sensitivity to some of the components in it. 


4. Beer Potomania

Confusion, exhaustion, headache, nausea, and muscular weakness are all signs of “Beer Potomania.”


5. Disrupted deep sleep

 Alcohol, even just one drink late at night, may impair deep sleep, the most regenerative state that occurs in the last stage of non-REM sleep


6. A red nose

Some people’s rosacea is made worse by alcohol’s ability to widen blood vessels in the face and, in particular, the nose. 

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