Do seedless watermelons taste different?

On a hot summer day, eating seedless watermelon is more enjoyable than spitting seeds. Juicy freshness without bothersome seeds.

But do watermelons with no seeds really taste different from those with seeds? So, that's a question for the professionals.

First, let's talk about what "seedless" means. For all practical purposes, they don't have no seeds at all. Most of us picture black seeds that look like teardrops when we think of watermelon seeds.

Those seeds are ready to grow. You won't find any that don't have seeds, but the seed coats are likely to be soft and white.

A typical watermelon with seeds can have up to 800 seeds, some of which are white and won't grow.

The problem is that these seeds can't make more seeds, so how in the world do we get watermelons without seeds?

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